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September 13, 2016

Go-to and to-go! 5 easy tailgate favorites from Robért’s

Filed under: news — Marcelle Robert @ 4:30 pm

Visit a Robért Fresh Market near you to pick up these great tailgating food options, or order ahead!



1. Mini muffaletta platter

Our mini muffs (as we affectionately like to call them) are the New Orleans version of finger sandwiches, bursting with flavor from mortadella, ham, provolone cheese and salty, briny olive salad. They’re presented on easy-to-eat mini kaiser rolls and are perfect to bring to a tailgate… or any situation, really. 



2. Drumstick platter

Fried drumsticks are one of the easiest finger foods to have around at a party. Our platters are fried up fresh and served with your choice of tasty dipping sauces.



3. Dips

Our fresh house-made dips live in the Grab N’ Go sections of our stores. Whether you’re into cheesy (Who Dat Dip, Better Cheddar), creamy (Smoked Salmon, Spinach and Artichoke) or spicy (Salsa, Guacamole), there’s a dip to satisfy every craving. And you’ll need a vehicle for dip delivery, so be sure to pick up crackers, tortilla chips or even a loaf of crusty bread from the bakery.



4. Beers

Robért Fresh Market boasts a huge selection of local and not-so-local craft beers and everyday favorites. We’re local through-and-through, so there’s no reason our beverages of choice shouldn’t be!


King cake

5. Home team decorated petit fours or king cake

To add some sweetness to your already-sweet tailgate, pick up our delicious petit fours or king cakes. You can order them decorated with your team’s colors.