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August 29

It's hard to believe it has been 8 years since Katrina. There isn't one person who lived through it, who wouldn't tell you it feels just like yesterday.

All of us can remember the first time we saw our home, our business, our school, our neighbor.

And although the trees were brown, our walls had this black stuff growing on it- I think they call it mold- and our water lines were about as tall as Jimmy Graham (if we were lucky), for some reason it just felt good to be back in the city limits.

Only New Orleanians (and maybe we're biased) can take a very rotten tomato and make a Bloody Mary. It wasn't easy, but hey, if it were, they'd call it the Big Easy... oh, wait.

But, we made it out of the crawfish hole. We're all here to tell the tale of how we helped each other and made this place – our neighborhoods– better.

So thanks to y'all, our neighbors, for coming back, and for letting us come back.