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Something fresh for Easter 2016: Chappapeela Hams

Chappapeela Hams










Support your local farmers and ranchers!

Robért's is excited to be offering Chappapeela Hams this Easter. Raised in Amite, La., these hams are the choice of the finest restaurants in New Orleans. Now you can enjoy one at your Easter celebration!
Hogs on the Chappapeela Farm are raised humanely, with ready access to fresh water and food free of antibiotics. They are also allowed to forage and eat seasonal vegetation. Stress levels are kept to a minimum by providing ample space, shelter and comfortable resting areas. 
We certainly recommend Chappepeela Hams, a cross between Berkshire and Duroc hogs. We sell them brined then smoked and cured.

If you are interested purchasing a Chappapeela ham, please read below:

  • Hams will be available at all stores on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • Cost is $7.99 lb; hams are an average of 15 lbs each
  • Hams are sold cold when sold and simply need to be reheated 
  • Orders are being taken now at all stores' meat counters with pickup on Good Friday