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Mayhew Bakery breads now in-store at Lakeview location

Mayhew Bakery at Robért Fresh Market Lakeview

Keepin' it Local with Mayhew Bakery!

After serving 2 tours in Iraq, Kelly Mayhew decided to pursue his passion for baking.

The grandson of the first Krispy Kreme franchisees, Mayhew apprenticed under an Austrian master pastry chef, worked for the top chefs in Charleston, S.C. and is a former Sous Chef at Brennan’s in New Orleans.

Now he’s bringing his passion and unique technique to Mayhew Bakery. His breads are naturally leavened with long cold fermentation periods to develop a unique, rich flavor. Mayhew uses stone-milled organic flours and sources local ingredients when possible.

Mayhew’s breads are used by many local chefs and restaurateurs, and we’re proud to exclusively carry a selection of his signature rustic breads at Robért Fresh Market Lakeview.