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Robért Fresh Market Has Fresh Sushi By Sushi Avenue In Store!


Fresh Sushi

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We offer a wide variety of spectacular Sushi rolls in veggie, raw, cooked, color coded options. As well as party platters for any occasion! Our Sushi is prepared daily by an expert Sushi chef from Sushi Avenue.  What we offer depends on what available seafood is the absolute freshest, ensuring each delicious bite is of the finest quality.


Come try out our new Sushi vendor

Sushi Avenue

sushi new (1) Sushi Avenue is the destination for fresh Sushi prepared daily combined with superior service. We begin the service by working with you to tailor a fresh Sushi program customized to your operation and clientele. It is extended at the counter through our trained business partners who offer fresh creations rolled with a smile. Company history Our president and CEO, Nay Hla came to the us from his native country. Since many of his countrymen were working in the Sushi industry, he followed suit. After working his way up through the ranks of other top Sushi companies, Nay saw an opportunity for improvements to the retailer-chef-Sushi Company relationship. He brought those innovations to life as Sushi Avenue. Extraordinary Growth Sushi Avenue has seen extraordinary growth in both locations and revenue. We began in late 2004. By 2005 we had 33 supermarket locations; by 2006 we had 54. By mid 2010 we have over 150 locations and we are still growing strong because our system works! even with a down economy, we have been driving sales increases on a same store basis.

Click here for the Sushi made fresh daily menu