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Robért Fresh Market Honors 10+ Year Associates 2006

On Saturday January 6, 2007 ten associates and a guest of their choice were invited by the Robert family and the management of Robert Fresh Market, to a dinner at the Metairie County Club in recognition of 10 years or more of loyal service.  The evening events started with cocktails and a chance for everyone to mingle and greet each other.  At 7pm Robért Fresh Market’s owner, Marc Robért, welcomed everyone to the event and briefly spoke about the importance of people in the organization.  He stressed past events that have brought the company to where it is today and how it plans to proceed in the future.

 Afterwards,   everyone was seated for a 4 course dinner culminating with Baked Alaska for desert.  After dinner, each of the 10 associates were recognized and presented with a 10 year service pin. The gold plated service pins were designed with help from the Terry Berry Company and featured the Robért Fresh Market logo surrounded by an arch with 2 emerald gemstones, one for each 5 years of service.  As a special gift, each guest of all who attended, received a limited edition Aldlers twelfth night reveler ornament.  This gift was very timely since this years gathering was being held on the twelfth night.

(The twelfth night of Christmas is the first night of carnival season & carnival festivities begin with the twelfth night reveler ball.  The twelfth night reveler is the 2nd oldest carnival society and the ornament pays tribute to the colorful history of the twelfth night reveler, recreating the pierrot that graced the organization’s dance card in 1903.)

Honored associates included:

 Richard Fernandez 12yrs, Michael Clakeley 12yrs, Mary Ann Bondio 12yrs, Barry Davis 11yrs, Faye Pianovich 11yrs, Tara white 10yrs, Salvador Divincenti Jr 10yrs, Donald Emrich 10yrs, Gail Lemoine 10yrs, and Josephine Poche 10yrs.